As the cost of living continues to take priority in all our lives, brands are working hard to separate consumer myth from consumer fact.

Global Media and Entertainment has used its position as the home of the nation’s favourite brands to help fmcg clients understand the mood of the nation. In the third in its series of consumer insights into the cost of living, the company deep-dives into what really matters to consumers during this time.

It looks at the reality and data behind ‘the lipstick effect’ – a phrase coined to describe expensive treats consumers are prepared to splash out on during hard times – and whether they are really enjoying this phenomenon.

It also explores five key themes in its questions around consumer loyalty, spending behaviours and trust. Readers will be surprised to learn whom consumers trust most to save them money.

In this environment, investment in media planning has to work harder – and this report will help you fill in the gaps to understand what really  matters to consumers.

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