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What is the future of plant-based food?

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With the ongoing consumer focus on personal and planetary health, greater technology and advancements to it are set to drive the future of food. Read this report to find out how to take advantage of potential opportunities in the plant-based sector.


Cost-of-living crisis: The questions you were afraid to ask

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As the cost of living continues to dominate people’s lives, what really matters to consumers right now? Here’s an opportunity to fully understand their priorities.


How can brands and retailers unlock the retail media goldmine?

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Forecast to grow into a nearly £100bn global market by the end of 2023, retail media is the hottest opportunity in advertising right now. So, how can UK grocery make the most of its potential?


Sustainable energy strategies for food and beverage manufacturers

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Find out how a comprehensive energy strategy can help F&B businesses reduce carbon emissions, maintain resilience, predict future energy costs and enhance ESG performance.


The quest for margin: fmcg’s biggest challenges and how to solve them

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Improving profitability for fmcg manufacturers is an urgent challenge, but how can this be achieved?

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3 trends fmcg brands should watch in 2023

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With consumers habits constantly changing, learn how consumer goods companies globally are transforming their strategies as trends take shape.

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Picking profitably: solutions for grocers today and in the future

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All grocery retailers seek profitability, but modern solutions for increasing efficiency and widening profit margins seem complicated and costly. Or are they?

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How ginger can add spice to your business

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How can ginger cultivated in one country taste so different from that which has been grown elsewhere? The answer is not only whether it is dried or fresh, but is also down to extraction expertise.


5 ways to use product sampling to drive content on TikTok

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Discover how sampling can supercharge your content, build awareness, and drive impact for your brand.


How to get to grips with what consumers want in 2023

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Understanding what consumers want in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis is a major challenge for consumer goods companies. So how can brands and retailers best tackle this?


What impact is the cost of living crisis having on Christmas?

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In its latest report, Vypr uncovers how the current economic climate is affecting consumer behaviour this Christmas, and what opportunities it presents for next year.

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How to profit from click and collect grocery lockers

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Click & collect lockers offer huge advantages for grocery retailers, enabling them to reduce costs and capture online demand. Find out why in StrongPoint’s report.

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How technology can drive efficiency and sustainability

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Featuring insights from fmcg tech trailblazers, discover how digitalising end-to-end production can put you on a path to becoming more competitive, productive and sustainable in 2023, all while reducing costs. 

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2022 UK Consumer Sustainability Benchmark Report. Where does your brand sit?

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One in 4 consumers have recently changed brands based on their perception of a brand’s ESG performance. Are you winning or losing customers? Download the benchmark report to find out how your brand compares.


How to practically implement sustainability into your food business

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With the food industry battling twin challenges - to produce more food, while improving environment impact - how do you practically measure the sustainability of your supply chain? Find out more below.


The impact of the pandemic and cost of living crisis on shoppers

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Out of the frying pan and into the fire? Two years of Covid restrictions have given way to a cost of living crisis, supply chain issues, and a pervasive, lingering sense of post-pandemic instability. What does it all mean for UK shoppers? Find out more below.

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Gen Z’s top 10 food & drink brands on TikTok – and what you can learn from them

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The number of food and drink brands on TikTok has skyrocketed. The app has now become Gen Z’s go-to search engine and it’s transforming the digital customer journey. So, which food and drink brands are killing it on TikTok right now? Find out more below.


Confusion, disregard, and change: The impact of new HFSS regulations

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A unique view of the government’s impending HFSS restrictions, through the eyes of UK consumers.


How to nail trade promotions amid a cost of living crisis.

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With UK consumers grappling with a cost of living crisis, how can FMCG brands devise a winning promotional strategy that will create brand awareness, maximise sales and, above all, retain shopper loyalty?

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Eliminate checkout friction by revolutionising your POS experience

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Learn how the Eggplant point-of-sale systems continue to evolve customer convenience

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How to achieve citrus flavoured beverages without compromise

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How applying technical expertise to the highest-quality citrus oils can achieve authentic, clean-label citrus-flavoured beverages.

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How to achieve profitability in grocery e-commerce

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Despite an increase in volumes during the pandemic, one of the biggest challenges in e-commerce grocery is profitability. Discover the innovative solutions offered by Scandinavian grocers.


Young consumers identified as key to surviving the HFSS tsunami

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Learn how young consumers are the key to unlocking success in a post-HFSS world.


2022 Consumer Trends in Sustainability in partnership with Kraft Heinz

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Learn how consumers want brands to act more sustainably.  Three-quarters of consumers expect brands to do more about sustainability.


Why local could be the future of grocery

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Having kept us fed and safe so brilliantly during the pandemic, our supermarkets and their teams are again battling a fresh wave of challenges from the current supply chain and cost of living crises. So how can the Power of Local help?


Succeeding on Amazon is essential for health and beauty brands

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In the UK, Edge by Ascential expects Amazon to overtake Boots parent firm Walgreens Boots Alliance to become the top health and beauty retailer by gross merchandise value (GMV) sales by 2026.  

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3 Steps to Owning Your Digital Strategy and Customer Relationships

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Third-party delivery partners were a must for grocers during the pandemic. Such relationships allowed retailers to stay afloat, offer an in-demand service to customers, and hold onto valued clients in volatile times. 

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Are online shopping opportunities set to dominate grocery post-pandemic?

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2021 saw up to 80% of customers in the UK ordering their groceries online and the UK grocery industry is changing like never before.

The Marketers guide to TikTok

The Marketer’s Guide to TikTok. How CPG brands can reach a hyper-engaged audience

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Product discovery has changed forever, and this is most evident in the CPG industry, where there’s increased fragmentation and reduced loyalty.


Sustainable CPG: The Complete Guide To Making Your Business Regenerative

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In an era of world change, businesses need to understand how to form a circular economy and be regenerative. But how? Read SAP’s step by step guide to achieving this goal.


Technology transformation for food manufacturers: Where to start

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With the world seemingly at a crossroads, the megatrends that were once 25 years away have been brought to the fore in a matter of months. The rate at which businesses must now adopt technology is only increasing. This scene presents itself amid continued reports of supply chain challenges, labour shortages and heightened costs. Download the report below to gain insights into understanding the need for technology transformation.


Recruitment, retention and resilience: How can grocery build a workforce fit for the future?

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From Brexit to burnout, to ageing workers and the rise of digital commerce, grocery faces a perfect storm of pressures when it comes to recruitment, retention and building in relevant skills across its workforce. 


Hit Refresh. The return of the shopping experience post-pandemic

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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the shopping experience profoundly, forcing grocery retailers to place a new focus on hygiene, adapt their stores, and invest heavily online. The response has been radical and effective, with rewards to match.

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The new rules of shopper attention: what it takes for grocery brands to be seen, heard and remembered in 2022

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In the face of media fragmentation, Covid and HFSS restrictions, fmcg brands have rarely had to work harder to get shoppers’ attention. A new Grocer Vision report explores how brands can stay visible, cut through the noise and get their message across.

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How self-service can help scale e-grocery click and collect

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The current driver shortage in the UK could trigger a trend to push up the costs of all forms of deliveries, including for e-groceries.


Delivering promotional excellence in grocery and convenience retail

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Promotions can be a double-edged sword. Done well, they can be among your most powerful revenue drivers. But poorly executed and they seriously impact the customer experience -jeopardising sales and revenue targets.


Volume vs Efficiency: How data science is evolving sampling, fast!

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In 2021 the Triyit community answered millions of questions every month - giving honest, detailed feedback about their product sampling experiences, whilst sharing unique insights into their shopping habits, lifestyle and personal influences.

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Which grocery brands are winning on Amazon UK and Tesco.com?

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The formula for growing eCommerce sales is simple: get more eyeballs on your product pages, then get more of those eyeballs to convert.

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Dealing with the new squeezed middle

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The squeeze on both consumers and the food and beverage supply chain is very real, so how can businesses identify areas to make savings, beyond the more obvious?

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The 2022 TikTok Playbook for Challenger Food and Drink Brands

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TikTok is the biggest means and opportunity for brands to engage Gen Z right now.

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Why the food industry must act now to protect and grow biodiversity

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While 79% of people in the UK are now concerned about the negative impact humans are having on the planet and its biodiversity, many are focused on plastic pollution and fossil fuels, with very few shoppers realising that one of the major causes is the industrial food model.

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Grocery Industry Cheat Guide with Forrester Insight

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Grocery has changed dramatically over the past 18 months, but even beyond this, pre-existing conditions, such as digitalisation and e-commerce, have challenged brands.

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A new model for retailers to reach net zero

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Reaching net zero by 2040 is an ambitious target for UK retail. It will require a root and branch review of operations and a deep understanding of the impact these changes will have.


Going the last mile for your online customers

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While the creation of an online storefront and the subsequent processing and shipping of orders has become common for retailers, the distribution and fulfillment logistics of running an efficient online grocery-delivery business is very different, and far more complex than other market sectors.

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The future of sampling

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Nothing beats the feeling of getting something for free! This feeling is something that brands can benefit from and the reason that sampling is an integral strategy for today’s brand marketeers.

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How FMCG brands can win search at 7 online retailers

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Optimising your products for search is essential for winning shoppers online and boosting sales. However, it’s easy for brands to waste time and money over-engineering their content for search optimisation. 


How grocery can stay GDPR compliant after Schrems II

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The Schrems II decision will have a great impact on international commerce among companies doing business with the European Union (EU). The consequence of not paying attention to Schrems II could literally mean a partial or complete shut-down of data transfers between EU and non-EU countries, which could impact the bottom line of any company.


Five tips for communicating well during a product recall

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The pandemic has super-charged consumer interest in where food comes from and how it is produced. A new Grocer Vision report explores how manufacturers can respond to increased demand for traceability and transparency.

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Consumer goods in a crisis: YouGov’s International FMCG/CPG Report 2021

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The Covid-19 pandemic has created both challenges and opportunities in the fast-moving consumer goods/consumer packaged goods sector, drastically impacting consumer shopping behaviour and consumption habits globally.


Sampling aside, what else is influencing consumers to try something new?

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With a rapidly growing, fully representative community of over 1,000,000 UK consumers, every year Triyit delivers millions of targeted, in-home sampling experiences.


Plastic and the pandemic: Consumer priorities in a changing world

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Plastic has re-emerged during the pandemic as a useful material for keeping people safe. Yet with the public still caring deeply about the scandal of plastic waste, how are businesses responding?


5 ways to make your brand more authentic in the Covid landscape

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Making your brand more authentic is a sure fire way to engage with consumers in 2021. After a year of Covid chaos, people are looking for authenticity in the brands they engage with: shopping more locally, choosing brands that show they stand for something and supporting those that show consistency and clarity in their messaging and visuals.

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Know your customer: how sales data can boost convenience profits

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Convenience has enticed fmcg manufacturers in recent years, with shoppers turning to the sector for its proximity and safety during the pandemic. As lockdown eases, suppliers need detailed customer data for this burgeoning channel


YouGov Consumer Profile Peek: People who’ve bought alcohol to watch sports at home

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YouGov is a global provider of analysis and data generated by consumers in over 55 markets. Using Profiles, our audience profiling platform – which gives you access to hundreds of thousands of variables on consumer behaviour from 350,000 UK consumers – we’ve delved into the profile of people who’ve recently drunk alcohol from shops to watch sports at home.

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Pandemic power rankings: which products have out-performed their category?

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The pandemic has rapidly altered consumer behaviour: demand has shifted from basic survival necessities to stocking up on creature comforts, with brands needing to adjust their offerings to meet these changing needs.


Grocery’s ultimate guide to growth

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Covid-19 brought forward new purchase habits and behaviours. Post-pandemic, many shoppers will likely continue opting for the convenience of buying groceries online. To adapt quickly and grow sustainably, grocers need to be available to their shoppers anywhere, anytime and on any device.


What has been the real impact of Covid-19 on grocery retail?

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The survey of leading retailers in the UK and France delves deep behind the headlines to offer fresh statistics, essential insight and real-life examples from people working across the sector

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The implications of going out of stock are much bigger than you think

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We found it takes an average of 9-10 days to recover search placement when a product is out of stock for 2+ days on both Amazon and Tesco.com


Have fun, be authentic, do good: how fmcg brands can build genuine connections with young people

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Young shoppers are rewriting the rules of engagement for fmcg brands. A new Grocer Vision report explores the values and behaviours driving today’s young adults – and how brands can build meaningful connections with them.


Trends that are driving growth in the biscuit category

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With a household penetration of almost 100% ( Kantar WorldPanel, August 9th 2020) biscuits are a staple for the majority of shoppers. What’s more, despite changing shopping habits, this year has seen continued growth within the biscuits category.

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How brands are driving sales by putting products into the hands of half a million Gen Zs

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Gen Z are the most impactful shopping demographic as they pioneer the way for new trends which the rest of us will follow. 



Suppliers and Products Guide

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